Name Description Value
TIMESTAMP_ON_CAPTURE Timestamp images as soon as they are captured (?)
CPU_EXTENSIONS Use advanced CPU extensions to increase performance (?)
FAST_IMAGE_BLENDS Use a fast algorithm to blend the reference image (?)
OPT_ADAPTIVE_SKIP Should frame analysis try and be efficient in skipping frames (?)
MAX_SUSPEND_TIME Maximum time that a monitor may have motion detection suspended (?)
STRICT_VIDEO_CONFIG Allow errors in setting video config to be fatal (?)
LD_PRELOAD Path to library to preload before launching daemons (?)
SIGNAL_CHECK_POINTS How many points in a captured image to check for signal loss (?)
V4L_MULTI_BUFFER Use more than one buffer for Video 4 Linux devices (?)
CAPTURES_PER_FRAME How many images are captured per returned frame, for shared local cameras (?)
FORCED_ALARM_SCORE Score to give forced alarms (?)
BULK_FRAME_INTERVAL How often a bulk frame should be written to the database (?)
EVENT_CLOSE_MODE When continuous events are closed. (?)  time  idle  alarm
CREATE_ANALYSIS_IMAGES Create analysed alarm images with motion outlined (?)
WEIGHTED_ALARM_CENTRES Use a weighted algorithm to calculate the centre of an alarm (?)
EVENT_IMAGE_DIGITS How many significant digits are used in event image numbering (?)
DEFAULT_ASPECT_RATIO The default width:height aspect ratio used in monitors (?)
USER_SELF_EDIT Allow unprivileged users to change their details (?)