Name Description Value
WEB_H_REFRESH_MAIN How often (in seconds) the main console window should refresh itself (?)
WEB_H_REFRESH_CYCLE How often (in seconds) the cycle watch window swaps to the next monitor (?)
WEB_H_REFRESH_IMAGE How often (in seconds) the watched image is refreshed (if not streaming) (?)
WEB_H_REFRESH_STATUS How often (in seconds) the status refreshes itself in the watch window (?)
WEB_H_REFRESH_EVENTS How often (in seconds) the event listing is refreshed in the watch window (?)
WEB_H_CAN_STREAM Override the automatic detection of browser streaming capability (?)  auto  yes  no
WEB_H_STREAM_METHOD Which method should be used to send video streams to your browser. (?)  mpeg  jpeg
WEB_H_DEFAULT_SCALE What the default scaling factor applied to 'live' or 'event' views is (%) (?)
WEB_H_DEFAULT_RATE What the default replay rate factor applied to 'event' views is (%) (?)
WEB_H_VIDEO_BITRATE What the bitrate of the video encoded stream should be set to (?)
WEB_H_VIDEO_MAXFPS What the maximum frame rate for streamed video should be (?)
WEB_H_SCALE_THUMBS Scale thumbnails in events, bandwidth versus cpu in rescaling (?)
WEB_H_EVENTS_VIEW What the default view of multiple events should be. (?)  events  timeline
WEB_H_SHOW_PROGRESS Show the progress of replay in event view. (?)
WEB_H_AJAX_TIMEOUT How long to wait for Ajax request responses (ms) (?)