Name Description Value
OPT_UPLOAD Should ZoneMinder support uploading events from filters (?)
UPLOAD_ARCH_FORMAT What format the uploaded events should be created in. (?)  tar  zip
UPLOAD_ARCH_COMPRESS Should archive files be compressed (?)
UPLOAD_ARCH_ANALYSE Include the analysis files in the archive (?)
UPLOAD_PROTOCOL What protocol to use to upload events (?)  ftp  sftp
UPLOAD_HOST The remote server to upload events to (?)
UPLOAD_PORT The port on the remote upload server, if not the default (SFTP only) (?)
UPLOAD_USER Remote server username (?)
UPLOAD_PASS Remote server password (?)
UPLOAD_LOC_DIR The local directory in which to create upload files (?)
UPLOAD_REM_DIR The remote directory to upload to (?)
UPLOAD_TIMEOUT How long to allow the transfer to take for each file (?)
UPLOAD_STRICT Require strict host key checking for SFTP uploads (?)
UPLOAD_FTP_PASSIVE Use passive ftp when uploading (?)
UPLOAD_DEBUG Switch upload debugging on (?)