Name Description Value
WEB_TITLE_PREFIX The title prefix displayed on each window (?)
WEB_CONSOLE_BANNER Arbitrary text message near the top of the console (?)
WEB_EVENT_DISK_SPACE Whether to show disk space used by each event. (?)
WEB_RESIZE_CONSOLE Should the console window resize itself to fit (?)
WEB_ID_ON_CONSOLE Should the console list the monitor id (?)
WEB_POPUP_ON_ALARM Should the monitor window jump to the top if an alarm occurs (?)
WEB_SOUND_ON_ALARM Should the monitor window play a sound if an alarm occurs (?)
WEB_ALARM_SOUND The sound to play on alarm, put this in the sounds directory (?)
WEB_COMPACT_MONTAGE Compact the montage view by removing extra detail (?)
WEB_EVENT_SORT_FIELD Default field the event lists are sorted by (?)
WEB_EVENT_SORT_ORDER Default order the event lists are sorted by (?)  asc  desc
WEB_EVENTS_PER_PAGE How many events to list per page in paged mode (?)
WEB_LIST_THUMBS Display mini-thumbnails of event images in event lists (?)
WEB_LIST_THUMB_WIDTH The width of the thumbnails that appear in the event lists (?)
WEB_LIST_THUMB_HEIGHT The height of the thumbnails that appear in the event lists (?)
WEB_USE_OBJECT_TAGS Wrap embed in object tags for media content (?)